Seamless Signal

With KVH's Ka/Ku-band Tri-Americas® LNB for the TracVision HD7 satellite TV system, Meridian Yacht owners can enjoy the complete DIRECTV® experience practically wherever they cruise in the Western Hemisphere. Whether you find yourself boating in North American, Caribbean, Central American or South American waters, the TracVision HD7 with Tri-Americas LNB provides uninterrupted coverage for DIRECTV and DIRECTV Latin America. By combining patent-pending Tri-rod antenna design (TriAD) technology with the new Ka/Ku-band Tri-Americas LNB, KVH eliminates the need for inconvenient LNB swaps. The Tri-Americas LNB makes these pesky hardware changes a thing of the past. The transition from enjoying stunning DIRECTV HD programming in North America to DIRECTV Latin America service is perfectly seamless. So go ahead and chase the new and unfamiliar with your Meridian - the news from home, your favorite show and that pivotal ball game are always just a remote click away. For more information on the KVH TracVision HD7 satellite TV system and Ka/Ku-band Tri-Americas LNB, visit .