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Get Connected with Meridian Yachts

The Meridian Yachts website is just one of many ways to follow North America's favorite brand of bridge boats online. Meridian Yachts is also active on both Facebook and Twitter, with hundreds of fans and followers and more coming every day. Not only does Meridian update Facebook and Twitter regularly with photos, news and discussion threads, Meridian Yacht owners and fans are connecting, too, and carrying on the conversation.

It's easy to become a fan of Meridian Yachts on Facebook. In fact, you can keep up with Meridian there even if you don't have a Facebook account. Just click on the Facebook address below. Of course, if you do have a profile on Facebook, click the "Become a Fan" link at the top center of Meridian's page to get automatic updates. To follow Meridian on Twitter, just log into Twitter and search for MeridianYacht (notice there's no "s" on the end of our name on Twitter).